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>> bret: finally tonight today is the national red wear disease to fight heart disease a campaign by the american heart association. this day to note that heart disease is the actually the number one killer of women. 90% of women have one or more risk factors for developing heart disease. so, wearing red today is about awareness. that's why we are doing it. okay. that's one thing. super bowl, we just talked about it. it's this sunday, but jimmy kimmel went out to hollywood boulevard to ask folks what they thought the super bowl last weekend. and here is what they got. [ applause ] >> pauline, were you surprised by the outcome of the super bowl this past weekend? >> um, yep. >> you think ray lewis deserved the super bowl mvp which he won? >> definitely. i thought that before it even happened. >> so you expected the ravens to win. >> yes. i had all my money on it and i lost 200 bucks. >> he was like a man possessed
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out there, wasn't he. >> it was another person in his body if you want to put it that way. he was -- he was the team in his body. >> he was the whole team? >> yeah. >> i didn't watch it. i heard it was good. >> you heard it was good. >> yes. >> do you know who won? >> the 49ers? >> that's right. do you know hot 49ers beat? >> the timber wolves. >> that's right. >> bret: the timber wolves. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. make it a great weekend. [ laughter ] this is "the fox report." tonight, our first look at the man suspected of holding a kindergartner hostage in an underground bunker. plus, what pushed the dow to a new milestone. one it hasn't hit since before the financial crisis. and another suicide bombing at an american embassy. the bomb exploded at an embassy entrance. [siren. >>
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>> blew the door right off its hinges. >> suicide bombing on the perimeter of an embassy is, by definition, an act of terror. it is a terrorist attack. >> shepard: now, the search for those responsible. a killer wearing a mask, guns down a prosecutor right outside the courthouse. >> i heard like five more shots. they were like really fast. like pop pop pop pop pop pop. >> i hope that the people that did this are watching. we are going to find you. we are going to pull you out of whatever hole you are in. >> tonight, developments in the manhunt for the shooter. plus, three brothers were screaming for help after their canoe flipped in some rushing water and they might have died if not for the prison inmateswh. >> the current swept me out from underneath my feet and i grabbed on to the kid. >> just because we are incarcerated doesn't mean we are bad people. >> tonight, redemption at the
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river. but first from fox this friday night, the face of a suspected kidnapper. we now have our first look at the man believed to be holding that a-year-old boy hostage for the last four days in an underground bunker in south alabama. cops say 65-year-old jimmy lee dicks on tuesday boarded a school bus, killed the driver, kidnapped the little boy. folks who say they know the suspect describe him as angry and violent man who pulled guns on neighbors and once beat to death a dog with a pipe. investigators tell us after the retired truck driver grabbed the boy, he retreated to that bunk in the rural town of midland city, 20 miles north of the florida border. dikes has been hold up in that 6 by 8-foot shelter ever since. by all accounts, the little boy is very scared. and the mayor of the town says is he crying for his mother. so far, negotiations to save him have reportedly gone nowhere. according to a friend of the town's pastor, the boy's
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family is still remaining strong. >> they are getting a lot of love not only from the community but the whole nation actually is coming to and sending their support for this young boy. >> complicating matters, the a-year-old reportedly suffers from as berger's syndrome which is is on the spectrum of autism. fortunately they have been able to slide the boy's medication into the bunker through a pipe that sticks out of the ground. jonathan serrie is live on scene in midland, alabama tonight. jonathan, today we got to see the school bus involved in that fatal shooting. >> yeah. that's right. shep. that's because authorities were towing the school bus away back to the school bus barn. the school bus had been sitting at the crime scene in this neighborhood since tuesday afternoon. that's when the gunman reportedly boarded it, commanding two hostage. witnesses say the driver, charles poland refused and that ultimately he was a hero standing between the gunman and the kids before making the ultimate sacrifice, shep? >> shepard: what do we know
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about funeral arrangements for that driver? >> yeah. the the funeral has been scheduled for 2:00 on sunday. a funeral for charles poland jr. the venue, the ozark civic center where it's scheduled can hold 5,000 people i'm told. but that may be what's needed to accommodate the community that's really rallying behind this heroic bus driver's family, shep. >> shepard: jonathan serrie on scene in lower alabama tonight. jonathan, thanks. investigators now hunting for the terrorists who attacked a united states embassy. a turkish security guard died when attacker blew himself up. the attack came hours before john kerry took over as secretary of state. they could hear the blast a mile from the scene witnesses said. >> i heard a big explosion while i was driving pt the u.s. embassy. it was really noisy. my car even shook. i got closer to the scene and i saw smoke rising above the building.
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>> shepard: the explosion powerful enough to shatter windows. turkey's prime minister blames the attack on a doe meigs stick left wing military group that the united states has designated terrorist organization. image of the man who carried out the attack. they say he walked up to a side entrance of the embassy compound and detonated explosives trapped to his body. jennifer griffin with the news from the state department tonight. jennifer, the new secretary of state on day one already dealing with this. >> that's right. and, in fact, this u.s.s. embassy is an embassy that sits very close to the street. and state department officials say it has been slated to be moved for quite some time. in fact, before leaving her post today, secretary clinton acknowledged the attack. >> we live in very complex and even dangerous times as we saw again just today at our embassy. >> secretary of state john kerry was sworn in by justice
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alayna kagan during a private ceremony with his family and staff on capitol hill today. he have a full plate monday, his first full day here at the state department, shep. >> shepard: what do we know about a motive, anything? >> the turkish authorities blamed this attack on a domestic marks marxist leftist leaning group. they're still looking at the possibility that this was an attack by al qaeda or may have been the work of iranian proxy. neither like the fact that the u.s. sent patriot missile batteries to turkey. the first patriots became operational on the border with syria today, about 300 u.s. troops have been deployed to work with those weapons. shepard? >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the state department. jen, thanks. the secretary of state or got a real sendoff from state department staffers today. hillary clinton's last day. [cheers] full house, recent polls have shown hillary clinton enjoys
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approvability rating of around 70% '. her departure means tomorrow will be the first day we haven't had a member of the clinton or bush families in the administration since january 19th, 1981. well, it's great day for your 401(k) because the dow hit a high mark we haven't seen in more than five years. the jobs market still needs a little help. ahead, what the experts say today's developments reveal about our economy and where we are headed. plus, how officials accidently released a convicted killer from prison. that's coming up from the journalists of fox news on this friday fox report.
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the dow topped the 14,000 mark for the first time since october of 2007 before the final crisis began. the dow finished up 149 on the session. the s&p up 36.
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s&p up 15. jobs report sends mixed signals about the economy. companies added 157,000 jobs last month stronger than expected. at the same time the unemployment rate ticked up from 7.8 to 7. the%. peter barnes from the fox business network live from washington tonight. 7. not a good number but investors seem bull observe. >> that's right, shep. the dow is just 150 points or so off of its all-time high back in 2007. and today's trading was mainly because of the federal reserve. the fed announced last year that it would keep providing stimulus to the economy until the unemployment rate falls to at least 6.5%. mainly by keeping interest rates low. and as we saw today, the jobless rate headed further from that target. not closer, shep. >> shepard: last year's jobs numbers got a boost today, too. >> that's right. every february, labor department economists update their jobs numbers for the previous year. they spend months drilling down on data from unemployment
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insurance, which gives them additional information about workers and payroll. so today, they declared that the economy, in fact, created more than 400,000 more jobs in 2012 than they had previously estimated, which pushed total job creation up to 2.2 million jobs last year. >> they were particularly stronger in the fourth quarter where payroll growth averaged over 200,000 a month. so it's not a great story. but it is a story, i think, that suggests the labor market is continuing to improve, albeit more gradually that be we would like to see. >> by the way, shep, these annual revisions are not always to the upside in early 2010 the labor department cut job creation by nearly a million jobs for 2009 when the knee was still very weak. shepard? >> shepard: peter a great start for big four auto
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makersmakers. each reporting double digit gainsst for chrysler best january in five years. apple best phones in the united states according to strategy analysis it reports that sales of the iphone 5 helped boost the tech giant to a 34% share of the overall phone market during the last few months of 2012. apple's rival samsung still the number one mobile phone surrender worldwide. a convicted murderer on the loose tonight after a county jail in chicago mistakenly set him free. he was at a hearing on a drug charge. after which officials let him walk right out the door. nobody has any idea why. police officials say they submitted all the proper paperwork. the guy had been serving a 60 year sentence. we're told his earliest possible release date was not for another 16 years. a couple of extraordinary rescues now, including one that involved some prison inmates. the convicts were on a work crew near a creek in clark county, washington when they say they heard several boys
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screaming. inmates spotted the kids next to overturned can a can a into. two conviction stripped off their coats appeared and jumped right in. >> i let the current take me until my feet took ground. stay put. they came to me and right then the current swept me from underneath my feet and i grabbed on to the kids and got them to a little island in the middle of the river. >> shepard: the inmates say they took off their shirts and wrapped them around those boys to keep them warm. >> just because we are incarcerated doesn't mean we are bad people. we made bad choices in our life. we are just like anybody else. >> shepard: mighty helpful this day. the kids pulled to safety are brothers ages 8, 10 and 16. they are okay now. the dad says he is bringing them to that prison to thank those inmates in person. convicts are serving time for nonviolent crimes. they are each schedule ford release in the next year and a half. now to another rescue hanover, massachusetts. a girl screaming, a teenager
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fallen through the ice on a pond. >> i'm treading, kicking, then i grabbed the ice, tried to pull myself out. i would get up to like here. out then i would break and i would fall back in. >> she was up to here and then when i looked over, and she went down once. that's when i went after her. >> shepard: he got her to safety with the help of a couple of other volunteers. police all over the state of texas are now searching for whoever shot and killed a prosecutor right in front of the courthouse in broad daylight. the latest on the manhunt and what the victims' colleagues say they are doing to protect themselves. plus, a deadly explosion at the headquarters of one of north america's largest oil companies. it's a story that broke on last night's fox report and the update is significant. a search for survivors is on. that's coming up. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked.
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>> shepard: the manhunt is on for the suspect or suspects who shot to death a texas prosecutor in a parking lot near a courthouse outside dallas. outside one nervous colleague says he will be packing heat until cops make an arrest. police say someone murdered this 57-year-old victim as he walked from his car to the court. two suspects took off in a brown or silver sedan. no license plates. the victim said to have worked on a number of organized crime and drug cases. friends say he had a passion for putting bad guys behind bars the chief of police are having a difficult time trying to identify those two suspects. >> we have not been able to give you a race because because the facial features and bodily features were covered. different witnesses gave us different accounts of how they were covered, whether with a pullover mask or a hoody. the important part was they were covered and unable to get facials on
4:21 pm
>> dressed all in black and appeared to be wearing some sort of tactical vest. do cops believe there is a link to one of the prosecutor's old cases here. >> they kind of suspect that, shep. one colleague is saying this is a reminder that prosecutors deal with some very bad people and now cops are looking to see if somebody that mark prosecuted could have been looking for revenge. cops say they have no indications that the victim feared for his life but investigators combing through the victim's old case files they are searching to for any possible person of interest. >> part of looking at the cases is to look at each one and determine if there is any indicators where there was indication of who's facility or threats or of a nature that would rise to a motive. >> well, the coffman county district attorney is now confident they are going to find whoever is responsible and he vows to prosecute the suspect or suspects to the
4:22 pm
full extent of the law, shep? >> shepard: doesn't sound like they have that many leads really, greg? >> they don't really and cops say they have numerous tips. they are coming in and following up on all of them. they are also hoping a $71,000 reward will help generate some leads. for now, cops are telling us that they are in the process of gathering security footage from around the city and county. they are looking at cop dash cam videotape, convenience store videotape to see if there is any indication that the suspect or suspects were casing the area in advance of yesterday's shooting. so we wait and see. shep? >> shepard: gregg, thanks. u.s. health officials say flu has been killing older people higher rate than they have ever seen. centers for disease control and prevention reports seniors from dying from the virus at a rate of 116 for every 100,000 cases. experts say the numbers may go even higher over the last several weeks of flu season. update now on news that broke during last night's fox report.
4:23 pm
a powerful explosion at the headquarters of the huge state-run oil company. and now we know the blast has killed at least 33 people. here's what is left of the building in mexico city. officials say the blast was likely an accident and that it may have start wad problem in are the path the building that houses electrical and airconditioning equipment. the head of that company said that there were 120 people hurt. rescue teams still searching through the rubble for any survivors. the company is called pemex it holds monday monopoly on mexicos oil. killed 60 people in egypt over the past week. today came right up to the egyptian president's doorstep. [chanting] >> shepard: thousands of protesters today fought with security forces. firing tear gas and water canon outside of mohammed morsi's presidential palace. opponents of the infamous president claim is he keeping moderates and liberals out of the government and embracing hosni mubarak's use of martial law. this is the biggest crisis in egypt since the arab spring forced mubarak out of power two years ago.
4:24 pm
the white house says it has come up with a compromise over the battle over birth control. a plan to make sure women who work for religious groups can get contraception without forcing their bosses to pay for it. we'll find out who will be footing the bill. plus, as we countdown the hours to the big game, we'll get an update on the petition to make the day after super bowl a national holiday. and we'll go behind the scenes at sunday's other big event. are you ready for some puppy bowl? puppy bowl as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets.
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and save 50% on our innovative limited edition bed. >> shepard: 47 hours to go kickoff for new orleans. still have time to ice down brews before the game starts. of course it starts with a betters rager 100 mercedes philadelphia million chances but not bad off. of course the coaches make this game historic. brothers. >> john: and jim harbaugh. game ravens and niners, never happened in a super bowl. first alert forecast father vac predicament. >> there is no emotion. >> there is it no real good plays. you don't celebrate good plays. you don't feel badly about because it's back and forth. what's good for one is not good for the other. >> according to the gamblers,
4:29 pm
the niners have the slight edge. harbaugh family is bringing home a ring that's a guarantee. meantime the petition to turn the day after the super bowl into a national holiday is for some crazy reason only inching along what's wrong with you. america, this is a vital importance. listen up now. the petition needs 100,000 signatures by february the 23rd for the white house to have to respond to it. so far only 13,000 signatures. the day after the super bowl national holiday. what else do you need to know? tv executives have faced tough decisions on recent days had to figure out what to put on the air this sunday for folks who won't be glued to it the super bowl turns out puppies work. animal planet has been putting on the puppy bowl since 2005 nearly 9 million people watched. production team gathered once again to shoot this year's show. it was easy to see why. early aggressor, taking the toy into immediate sacrum.
4:30 pm
>> every year people tune in for two hours of. this touchdown. >> takes the duck on own 30-yard line and passed simba andal la. >> the same thing you can see at any pet store plus color commentary. folks seem to love it oh, no. >> especially those who put it all together. >> i need to you get a dog. and stand here and -- [barking] >> they get their animals from shelters and use them to promote pet adoptions. >> cute and cuddly there is some stuff behind the style. >> the fluff isn't always pretty. [whimper] >> all right. i saw that, you know. >> shepard: the refuse goes easy or unnecessary fertilization of the grass. >> they are pups, they're kids so i give them a pass. >> they recorded the puppy bowl a couple of days of november. while puppies are the star there is a kitty cat halftime
4:31 pm
show. the cheerleaders are hedge hogs and fake blimp with real hamsters at the controls. oh well, i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and investigators hunting for suspects after a suicide bomber attacked the u.s. embassy in turkey. the explosion killed a turkish guard and wounded several people. it comes in a city that experts call one of the safest in the region. consider turkey's neighbors iran to the east, syria to the south and the u.s. among the countries sending patriot missiles to protect turkey against violence that could spill over from syria. trace gallagher with more on this. trace, listen, a week ago nato reported that at least one of those missile systems was up and running. >> it is, on top of that shep, there are some 400 u.s. troops on the ground ready to man those missiles in case they are needed. not just to keep the war in syria from spilling into turkey. but also to pressure syrian president bashar assad from using chemical weapons. since the syrian civil war
4:32 pm
broke out, turkey and the u.s. have gotten closer. nothing new because the u.s. has provided turkey with some $15 billion in arms over the past 60 years. and the marxist groups in turkey, like the ones said to be responsible for today's bombing do not like that. listen. >> they probably have only a few hundred members but they are active and they are kind of triggered into action. it's almost as if they are sleepers. triggered into action whenever the united states sends troops and personnel over to these countries, such as turkey, then you see them come into action. >> he went on to say marxist groups in turkey are much smaller today than they were some 20 or 30 years ago. clearly every bit is willing to kill. shep? >> shepard: the u.s. relationship with turkey is a mighty important one. >> yeah. it really goes both ways because, as you said earlier, turkey is really in a very bad neighborhood. it's beneficial to that country troy maintain very good relations with the united states. and don't forget turkey has supported the u.s. in middle east wars.
4:33 pm
allowed the u.s. to use their military bases for fighter jets. as you see there. and the country kind of acts as a buffer zone against terrorists and muslim extremists. today, white house press secretary jay carney said the relationship is solid. listen. >> turkey remains one of our strongest partners in the region. nato ally. we have worked shoulder to shoulder with the turks to counter terrorist. this goes to your question. this will only strengthen our resolve. turkey has been a very important ally broadly speaking and in the effort to counter terrorism. >> trace: also important to point out during that press conference jay carney called this terrorism right off the get-go, shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher tonight thanks. the white house expects the senate to confirm chuck hagel as the next secretary of state despite the cuff grilling he got on yesterday's hearing. so far just one of his fellow republicans is publicly supporting him. it takes but one senator to block the nomination which really would make this a much tougher fight. mike emanuel is in d.c.
4:34 pm
what are you hearing from republicans tonight, mike? >> shep, multiple senators have told me chuck hagel did not help his cause with his performance at yesterday's hearing. they seem to think he will likely get confirmed based on the strength of democratic support. >> i think for cabinet office, 51 votes is generally considered the right standard for the senate to set and at that level, i think he makes it but i don't think he makes it with a lot of room to spare. >> a filibuster is possible. but a leading republican senator tells me he doubts it will succeed because enough g.o.p. members believe hagel deserves a vote, shep. >> shepard: any signs of any democrats bailing after that hearing? >> i'm told by leadership aids democratic support for hagel is still very solid. there is no heart burn. they insist nothing that happened in the hearing yesterday has a shelf life beyond today's news cycle. here's the white house take. >> i would be stunned if, in the end, republican senators chose to try to block the nomination of a decorated war veteran who was amongst among
4:35 pm
the colleagues in the senate as a republican. >> if the senate armed services committee isn't going to vote on hagel's nomination until probably next thursday, both sides have time to consider their votes. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel on the action in the senate. what does senator geraldo sound like. is he contemplating a run for the senate seat. he would run as a republican. 89-year-old senator frank lawsuit tenburg a democrat hold the seat. is he up for election next year. hasn't confirmed whether he will run. if he does do it he could find himself up against the new york mayor cory book his or her is considering a bid. today on "studio b" geraldo said that his party needs to be more inclusive. >> we have become the party of scolds. no you can't have an abortion. no, if you are gay you can't be married. no if you are immigrant you can't possibly think you are going to get online to become a citizen of the united states. i think we have to go back to the party, the party that existed when i was an idealistic law student. >> shepard: geraldo says is he
4:36 pm
going to run the numbers and should make the decision within the next couple of weeks. new york city lost an irrerep press cybil icon today. that's what mayor michael bloomberg said about the death of the former mayor ed koch. doctors say he died of congestive heart failure this morning in manhattan. he fought in world war ii. became a congressman before serving three terms as mayor in the 70s and 80's. he rescued the city from financial disaster and said he really meant it when he asked his trademark question: >> how am i doing? >> you must consider everybody who has a different point of view to be your morality enemy. >> shepard: he called himself a blicial sanity. he crossed party lines to endorse george w. bush in 2004. even spoke at the republican convention. a few years ago mayor koch designed his own grave markerrer. it includes daniel pearl said
4:37 pm
before terrorists. my father is jewish, my mother is jewish, i am jewish. daniel pearl said those words 11 years ago today. former mayor of new york city ed koch was 88. in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't.
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>> the white house blinked, it's offering a compromise on contraception. nonprofit religious groups will not have to pay for their workers birth control. neither will the workers. but officials insist taxpayers will not have to pick up the tabernacle either. -- tab either. so who pays? james rosen in d.c. >> you and me shep, as always. good evening. obama administration officials say the cost involved here will be neil even for the insurers providing the contraception because increased access to birth control they say means hugely reduced medical costs in the long run. under the rules proposed by kathleen sebelius today. the insurers will be able to deduct the cost from the user
4:41 pm
fees they pay the government for obama care's healthcare exchanges. that means taxpayers will foot the bill say critics or else the insurers are apt to pass the cause back to the now exempted religious employers. also not covered by new proposed rules are private sector companies with religious objections. that means lawsuits like the one filed by the hobby lobby which could face fines of over a million dollars a day will likely snake their way towards the supreme court. now, there will be a period of 60 days of public comment with these proposed rules. but they are expected to be finalized by the summer. shep? >> shepard: james rosen a new study reports that more of our veterans are committing suicide than previously thought. according to the department of veterans affairs, 22 american veterans kill themselves every day. which is about higher than the department's previous estimate. the new study also shows that the majority of suicides are not among iraq and afghan war vets but veterans over the age of 50. a day of remembrance, nasa honoring the 7 astronauts who died on board space shuttle
4:42 pm
columbia 10 years ago today. >> it's important that we pause to remember and reflect we must do our very best to prevent something like that from ever happening again. too much is at stake. >> the shuttle descent grated over texas minutes before it was to land in florida killing the crew of six americans and israel's first astronaut. investigators later determined a chunk of foam insulation struck one of the wings damaging the system that protected it from the intense heat of reentry. family members paid tribute to the crew of apollo one and space shuttle challenger and other fellow nasa colleagues. steve harrigan live tonight at kennedy space center in florida. steve? >> shepard, a solemn day here at kennedy space center. 10 years ago the relatives of the seven astronauts on board the space shuttle columbia were right here waiting for its return. for some, 10 years later that grief is still fresh.
4:43 pm
>> anticipating a joyful homecoming of our crew, we were jolted in the viewing area into a nightmarish stroll of fear, uncertainty and horror. that led to a issue announcement that the crew had perished during reentry. >> nasa today on a day of remembrance marked other tragedies as well. apollo one which burned up on the launch pad in 1967 killing three astronauts on board the space shuttle challenger flight lasted one minute before disintegrating. a tragedy witnessed by school children across america because one of the seven on board was christa mechanical live the teachner space,. >> steve harrigan at the kennedy space center. a pilot passed out mid flight with 116 passengers and five crew members on board. so says a spokesman for alaska airlines. second time in two weeks that a pilot for that very carrier lost consciousness while the plane was in the air. the spokesman says the two
4:44 pm
events were related in no way. the latest incident happened last night. the airline reported that the co-pilot safely landed that seattle-bound plane put it down in portland, oregon. the pilot was likely suffering from stomach virus or food poisoning. one woman was apparently not happy that flight attendants moved a fellow passenger to her more expensive row. she pitched a fit that got so unruly officials diverted the plane and landed it early. there is cell phone video from united states plane. jetblue announced it had moved the passenger because his tv set didn't work. and here is the woman who argued. she is wearing the red pants there. jetblue announced it will not pressure charges. unusual look beneath the streets of one of the world's busiest cities as construction continues in mantd's second annual subway line. look at. this 72nd street tunnel from last week. can you see things are slowly taking form there crews are reportedly dug out more than 170,000 cubic yards of dirt, whatever that is.
4:45 pm
the contractor says dig something 96% complete at this station. other stops, 86th street, about halfway there. the mta released this video last summer to give folk as look at how they blast out those tunnels. wow, well, a truck haggle fireworks explodes. a bridge collapses at least 9 people killed. and that cops our news around the world in 80 seconds. china, it happened on an elevated highway in a central province. the blast reportedly sent dozens of cars and some 250 feet of roadway crashing to the ground from 100 feet up. crews used cranes to pull vehicles from the rubble. more than a dozen people hurt. >> officials investigating. india. a government operation to drive squatters from illegal settlements in the north turned violent. the settlers attacked demolition teams and police. cops responded with tear gas and a baton charge. the squatters say the land
4:46 pm
belonged to their ancestors. australia. the government vowing to step up protection of the great barrier reef. the united nations agency last year threatened to add the world's heritage site to its danger list unless authorities could come up with a plan by today. u.n. officials say australia's mining and shipping industries threatened that reef which is home to thousands of species of fish and hundreds of types of coral. united kingdom. the viewing deck of the tallest building in western europe now open to the public in london. the shard stands 116 feet high. just a bit shorter than manhattan's chrysler building. a ticket for a tour to the 72nd tour cost about 40 bucks. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> >> drinking alcohol is no sin. but abusing it is. that's according to a group of monks who have partnered with
4:47 pm
a brewery to rebuild the mid evil monsterry. their story is next. plus, hear from the pastor who invoked god to try to get out of paying a tip at applebees. then reportedly got a waitress fired. that's coming up. using cloud computing and mobile technology, verizon innovators have developed a projective display for firefighters. allowing them to see through anything. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon.
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>> shepard: engineers at boeing are set to vote next week on whether to go on strike in the new contract negotiations. this comes just as the airline is trying to address problems with its grounded dream liners. the 787 has had battery issues and are out of commission worldwide until engineers can fix the things. boeing reports its made plans in case of a strike. but it hasn't given us any details. a self-proclaimed pastor is apologizing after trying to stiff an applebee's server on
4:51 pm
a at this tip and getting anothr waitress fired. the controversy began when a pastor visited a applebee's in saint lewis and crossed out the 18% tip charged to large parties. on the receipt she wrote i gave god 10% why do you get 18? she still got charged because crossing it out doesn't actually do anything. another server posted the note on the web and it went viral. >> are you sorry that this became a big deal or are you sorry that you wrote it. >> i'm sorry that i wrote it it was dumb. i can because i take responsibility for all of my actions. >> when the pastor heard it was on the internet he complained and applebee's fired the staff who posted the photo. violated company policy and guest privacy. we are not excusing the guest's behavior this the matter. and the comments she wrote on the receipt which is offensive to us and all of our hard working team members. so there. it's not your average business
4:52 pm
partnership this one. an order of monks in northern california teaming up with one of the nation's largest breweries. the idea rebuild a 900-year-old monday monastery from spain in california. the monks are actually growing some of the ingredients to help craft a couple of new brews. claudia cowan with more in our san francisco newsroom this afternoon. hey, clawed yanchts hi, shepard. yeah, monks have actually been making beer for centuries never like this. sierra nevada known for pail ale using some of the plumbs and oranges grown by the monks. that's just part of this unique collaboration that's helping preserve a piece of significant monday monastery history. >> the monks in tiny vinea
4:53 pm
california chapter house built the original 12th century monastery. the stones were brought to san francisco in 1930 by newspaper tycoon and avid art collectorrer william randolph hurst. his plans to rebuild the monastery never materialized. the monks undertook the restoration themselves. with the help of syria, nevada brewery in nearby chico. brewed in the monk tradition with some of the proceeds going to help fund this architect can you recall marvel. pillar same order of monks centuries ago. >> they are back home. and i think they are happy about that they are singing again. if you can put it that way. [ laughter ] >> the abbey hopes to raise another $2 million to complete the restoration of what will be just the third mid evil building in all of north america. a remarkable achievement that comes from strong faith and
4:54 pm
the monks' hope strong sales of this brew with a back story perhaps the perfect beer to help toast the 49ers as they win the super bowl on sunday. >> shepard: oh, yes. claudia cowan in the city by the bay. thank you and good luck. a 90-year-old world war ii veteran isn't getting old -- letting old age keep him from working. is he a substitute teacher at a school in florida. the district north of tampa. >> i think by staying active, i will live longer and have a happier life. i forget i have gray hair. >> before he started teaching walter hill gart was a fighter pilot flying missions over the specific. he brings history to life when he talks about his experiences and he gets plenty of opportunities. administrators say he is booked almost every day of the week. from a very old teacher to a very young marathoner. a 9-year-old who says his next race is in antarctic can a. is he already running more than a hundred events varying distances including first full
4:55 pm
marathon last year. a 9-year-old. all those miles good for a cause. >> i'm running a marathon on each of the seven continents supporting operation warm. operation warm is a nonprofit organization that provides new coats to kids that can't afford it. >> what a good kid. his parents say they will keep close watch on his health. his goal is to run a million steps and raise a million dollars. >> former president george w. bush said it guarded the white house like a secret service agent. the former first dog barney has died. and the 43rd president is honoring his late friend. we'll do the same come up. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> he he was a fierce armadillo hunter but never jumped on a prime minister's lap. former first dog barney bush
4:59 pm
has died. ♪ >> he, of christmas video fame, former president george w. bush says the little fellow loved to chase golf balls at camp david and go fishing at the ranch in texas. of course there was barney cam. he was in charge of decorating the white house from for the holidays with help from little sis ms. beazley today president bush the 43rd said he never discussed politics and was always a faithful friend. laura and i will miss our pal. barney dead today at 12. updating some of fox top stories tonight. turkey's prime minister blames a left wing militant group for a south side bombing that happened in turkey's capital of ancora the white house calls it an act of terror. it all unfolded on the day john kerry took over as secretary of state. hillary clinton thanked colleagues in front of a

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